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Bundle Up: Bundling Insurance Policies in 2019

In the world of insurance, customers have lots of options. There are thousands of insurance companies selling thousands of insurance products. Basics like home, auto, and life insurance go hand-in-hand with specialty products like classic car insurance, wedding insurance, and even bed bug insurance. Coverage needs vary from one person to another, but one thing

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Welcome Home: Your 2019 Homeowners Insurance Guide

Over 85 percent of all homeowners have homeowners insurance, and according to a recent JD Power survey, nearly half of all homeowners insurance policy owners don’t know what types of damages are covered under their policies.  Last year, natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes caused $160 billion in property damage, and some homeowners

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The Cost of Life Insurance

There’s a joke in the insurance business: “fun is like life insurance. The older you get, the more it costs.” Many Americans today don’t have life insurance, often citing cost as the main factor. But life insurance is designed to protect those financially dependent on you from incurring huge losses in the event of your

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3 Reasons You’re Paying More for Auto Insurance in 2019

Americans looking to pay less for auto insurance might be balking at the auto insurance costs this year. Even safe drivers who haven’t filed any claims have seen their rates climb in 2019, paying more without knowing why. While understandably frustrating, it’s also happening for a reason.  A maelstrom of distracted driving, natural disasters, and

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7 Common Questions When Buying Auto Insurance

So you’re getting the car of your dreams. But you haven’t been dreaming much about your auto insurance policy.  Wake up! It’s time to get covered before you drive into a costly nightmare. People have lots of questions when purchasing their auto insurance policies. That’s understandable. The world of insurance can be confusing. Knowing what

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It’s Time to Get Earthquake Insurance

If you’re a Californian, chances are you felt the July 4, 6.4-magnitutde earthquake that struck Searles Valley near the town of Ridgecrest. Even if you’re not a Californian, you might have felt the ground move. Shaking was reportedly felt as far as Mexico and Las Vegas, resulting in multiple damaged structures in Ridgecrest and the

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