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For All Types Of Businesses

  • Associations and non-profits
  • Cannabis
  • Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Hair Salons and Aesthetics
  • Manufacturers
  • Medical Services
  • Professional services
  • Retail Stores and Operations
  • Technology
  • Trades
  • Trucking and transportation
  • Commercial Insurance Culver City

For All Types Of Coverage

  • Bonding
  • Building, Business Contents & Business Interruption
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Liability
  • Course of Construction
  • Criminal / Employee Theft and Dishonesty
  • Cyber Crime
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Errors and Omission
  • Commercial Glass
  • Liability — General, Environmental, Product, Media (Libel & Slander)
  • Special Events and Conferences
  • Specialty Equipment

Terms and Conditions apply to all coverages noted.

Commercial Insurance Culver City Rates

Though California commercial liability insurance rates generally run more expensive than an individual or personal insurance policy. We specialize in low Commercial Insurance Culver City rates for businesses of all sizes.

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Commerical Insurance FAQ's

When dealing with small businesses, liability refers to your company being responsible for damages to a third party in the eyes of the law.

As soon as you decide to start your own business, you’re exposed to a variety of liability risks. In some instances, your business may not do anything wrong and you may still find yourself tangled up with a lawsuit. Having the right insurance coverage can help mitigate the losses you experience from liability claims.

Commercial general liability insurance is designed to protect you and your business from a loss if you’re found legally liable for bodily injuries or property damage to a third party caused by the product you sell or the service you provide.

CGL insurance can also offer protection in situations where you or your staff are conducting business offsite.

A CGL policy can help mitigate your loss when your business is found liable for an injury to a third party either on or off your premises.

A CGL policy can help mitigate your loss when your business is found liable for an injury to a third party either on or off your premises.

For example, if a customer is coming up the steps to your retail store and they slip and fall, they can file a lawsuit against your business for any injury that was caused.

Falls are the leading cause of hospitalized injuries in the country—it’s important to ensure you’re protected from this type of liability.

A bodily injury liability assumes that some sort of negligence took place for the injury to happen, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the negligence has to come directly from your business. If someone is responsible for their own injury on your property, they could still file a liability claim against you. For example, if there was nothing wrong with the steps to your store (they weren’t icy, wet, slippery, blocked by a hazard etc.) and a customer still managed to trip, you may still face legal action.

Property damage liability is a serious concern for small business owners. If you’re found legally liable for damages made to a third party’s property, you could face costly legal expenses. It can also have a negative impact on your reputation with your clientele.

CGL insurance is designed to help mitigate the costs that may be associated if your business is found liable for property damage to a third party either on or off your premises.

For example, if you own an automotive body shop and someone claims that damage was done to their vehicle while it was in your possession, you could face a property liability claim.

Another example would be if you’re a caterer, and you’re catering an event offsite. If someone claims you or an employee of yours damaged their property during the event, you could face a property liability lawsuit. Incidents that related to property damage may also be grouped with other types of liability concerns in one claim. Often, property and product liability claims overlap when the damage is the result of a faulty product.

No matter how small your business is—it’s still at risk for various forms of liability

Some small business owners don’t know they need liability insurance, or think it’s too expensive. The truth is, no matter how small your business is—it’s still at risk for various forms of liability.

In fact, the smaller your business is the worse the implications of a liability claim can be. At the bare minimum, every business should have a standard CGL policy to protect them from risk and loss. Some of the consequences of operating without CGL insurance may include:

  1. If you’re found legally liable for bodily injury or property damage to a third party, your company may have to pay the costs associated with the legal process and any financial losses that stem from the lawsuit.
  2. Your reputation with your clients/ customers could be severely damaged. Consumers need to feel a sense of trust with companies and brands. A lawsuit could shatter that sense of trust if handled poorly.
  3. There are a lot of scenarios where you may be asked to provide proof of insurance. If your business participates in events such as tradeshows or markets, the venue will often request that participants provide a certificate of liability coverage. If you’re a contractor or skilled tradesperson, some of your customers will require proof of insurance prior to allowing you to conduct work on their property.